As a child, we relied on our parents, teachers, sports coaches and other mentors to help navigate and guide us through the perils of life – but as we get older, we often overlook the importance of having someone to guide us through life and our professional careers. There are three major factors that affect … Continue reading WHY QUALITY COACHING IS IMPORTANT TO WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS

Remembering Why You Came Here

Transmissions from Source(Love)

At times, it may be easy to forget that we are innately spiritual beings. Living within a third dimensional simulation of reality, we are often taught to repress and resist our innate truths, those that connect us back to our cosmic lineage. This is because when we remember who we are, we in turn remember why we chose to come here, and this threatens the very framework this simulation was built upon. Collective confusion is profitable for those running this hologram. As long as we do not remember our innate divinity, there is no probable reason for us as individuals to break free from the cycle of unconscious bondage, because we have been programmed to believe it’s necessary for survival. The truth is, the fight for survival is no longer necessary, though many are still operating out of programming that tells them otherwise. At one point in our human evolution…

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