Case Study: Managing Spiritual Brands

Spiritual brands have to be handled with a lot of sensitivity and finesse.  Our social media managers here believe that the marketing strategy for brands that focus on making their audience better people, helping them achieve growth in life. When Manifest Destiny was asked to handle a spiritual brand, we took to it with passion and intuition! Ensuring that the message of the Guru was delivered to her followers with integrity.


  • To update the brands image and presence.
  • An increase in the quantity and quality followers.
  • To strengthen meaningful interactions.
  • To promote and spread the significance of spiritualism.
  • To spread the message to the most suitable followers who are in need of motivation.


Being a spiritual brand, the team was very particular about not doing aggressive promotions. Hence the challenge was to build the brand in a creative and powerful way. The brand had a loyal offline following and their was a concern that their audience did not have a large online presence.


Manifest Destiny provides an optimal solution of garnering your brand an established and well structured Social media presence with active involvement in all Social media platforms. To put it simply:

  • Make your brand more visible – accounts started and maintained on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, linkedIn & Pinterest.
  • An exclusive blog was created and maintained.
  • Engage followers on a daily basis on all platforms.
  • Increased followers by organizing regular campaigns and contests.
  • Successfully converted followers into clients.


  • Interesting, Motivational and Inspiring Quotes to hike the engagement via Social media.
  • Call-to-action words are embedded to drive organic engagement (meaning more number of likes, shares and comments).
  • Three posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest weekly.
  • Photo contest on a monthly basis – posts on this go every week.
  • Brand specific themed campaigns with your brands tone and voice are executed quarterly.
  • Private Facebook group created and moderated to create an online sacred space, and promoting greater community amongst followers.
  • Interactive questions and answers session once a week that we moderate.
  • Benchmarking every 30 days to measure the increase/ decrease in engagements.


  • Create, communicate and deliver value to a target market for a profit.
  • Creating value (both tangible or intangible)
  • Product Management – creating multiple streams of income beyond intangible services.
  • Customer Management – meet and know them beyond the database.
  • Brand Management – social proof of expertise and effectiveness in the field.
  • I am going after your mind and heart.
  • Creating an emotional relationship between the brand and followers.

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