Remembering Why You Came Here

Transmissions from Source(Love)

At times, it may be easy to forget that we are innately spiritual beings. Living within a third dimensional simulation of reality, we are often taught to repress and resist our innate truths, those that connect us back to our cosmic lineage. This is because when we remember who we are, we in turn remember why we chose to come here, and this threatens the very framework this simulation was built upon. Collective confusion is profitable for those running this hologram. As long as we do not remember our innate divinity, there is no probable reason for us as individuals to break free from the cycle of unconscious bondage, because we have been programmed to believe it’s necessary for survival. The truth is, the fight for survival is no longer necessary, though many are still operating out of programming that tells them otherwise. At one point in our human evolution…

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Trust Your Soul

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Recently, a situation came up in my life that demanded all my attention.  It also frightened me to my core.  I had never in my life experienced such fear, dread, and anxiety.  In spite of everything I have learned, and everything I teach, my mind wanted to figure it out.  I began running around, trying to resolve it.  Nothing seemed to work.  I had moments of feeling that it would be O.K., but more moments of feeling that it was hopeless.

I reached out for some assistance, and  I discovered that I needed to transmute some old stuck energies, most of which are from my family DNA, and some from mass consciousness, and a little from my own personality responding to things.  I knew that in order for me to step into the next level, I needed to go deeper into myself and into self-love.  Put simply, I was desperate…

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Why is LinkedIn Essential to Your Business?

In my work as Consultant and Personal Brand Manager I find many of my clients underestimate or are initially unimpressed by #LinkedIn (compared to the other social media platforms).  You too? Why? Think about it, LinkedIn was designed for businesses and professionals!  Below is one of my favorite articles that gives a clear explanation of "Why LinkedIn is Essential (yes …

23 Compelling Lead Magnet Ideas

Are you finding it challenging to come up with good lead magnet ideas for your online business? Or maybe you’ve tried creating one before, but it’s not converting as well as you’d like. If so, then you’re in the right place. In this post, I’ll show you 23 different lead magnet ideas with over 25 examples that you can use …

Black Art Resurrected: My Review of Spike Lee’s Chi-raq

It was an honor to do the social media for the movie Chi-Raq.

Nikala Asante

chiraqIn an epic stroke of artistic genius, Spike Lee utilized the structure of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata and the inspiration of a Liberian peace activist’s successful use of collective sexual abstinence to stop a war as a foundation for a satirical speculative fiction on how such a movement could stop violence in inner city Chicago. Chicago has been labeled by many as “Chi-raq”, due to the homicides exceeding those of U.S. troops in Iraq. Lee includes these factoids and many others in the film in such a consistent way that the satire could never be confused for simple humor.

Lee took the time to actually write the film in the cadence of Aristophanes’ play, complete with rhyming poetry throughout and intermittent choruses. Moreover, he layered the film with a plethora of references to traditional African linguistics, African spirituality, ideas of renowned psychologist – Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (see “Penis Envy” painted on…

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Are you MOBILE?

More and more people are replacing their PC's for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, happily marching ahead. Most small businesses and entrepreneurs however are two steps behind still scratching their heads on how to attract their ideal customers/clients in this fast paced digital marketplace.Mobile marketing is not the future, it’s NOW! WE can make sure …