Brand: I AM Tracey Knight

Tracey Knight TK LOGO l

If you are looking to rebrand, you definitely should consider Manifest Destiny Consulting, LLC.  From the moment we sat down with Jennifer Bliss, Principal Consultant and CEO of Manifest Destiny, I knew this was the right agency to go with.

Up until now, our brand didn’t clearly reflect what we do and Jennifer picked up on this straight away.  She does not just look at the surface of your brand, she wanted to know who we are,  what our mission is, what we are passionate about, who our target audience is etc.  By gaining this much insight she was able to uncover the essence and heart of our message and then used this to develop a rebranding strategy that represents our core values and mission.

The knowledge, skill set and creativity that Manifest Destiny has is so inspiring, and I genuinely can’t thank them enough for helping develop our rebrand.

Tracey Knight, CEO and Founder of I AM Tracey Knight and Naledge In Action

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