Manifest Destiny Consulting LLC is a Social Media Management & Marketing Consulting Firm that specializes in helping individuals and businesses build their brands.  We support entertainers, visionaries, heart-centered mission driven entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing innovative and quality social media management and marketing services. We are your Social Media Marketing Department!

We help you reach, target and consistently engage your audience using our proven strategy.    Our 1-2-3 model changes the game for our clients who are facing an increasingly competitive digital environment. Simply put…we think outside of the box!

If you want to be successful, you need to be prepared. We all know the saying that success happens when preparation meets opportunity.  Having a strong online marketing strategy will prepare you for the massive wave of new customers and high dollar clients you’ve been PRAYING to come your way.

The first questions potential customers tend to ask are: are you on Instagram, do you have a website, and how can I work with you? Building your brand and creating online systems for success will allow you to maximize opportunities when they arrive.

YOU KNOW you have to leverage online systems so you can serve your ideal clients in the most effective way. Don’t leave any money on the table. You can create a pipeline of future customers and repeat clients by nurturing your audience with information and inspiration that they find valuable.  If any of this is true for you then we are the team for you!

“When I decided it was time to get into social media, I had no idea how to start.  The team at Manifest Destiny Consulting helped me with the campaign by creating and    maintaining all my social channels, online store and website.

In just under a year, I have reached over 2000 “likes” and increased the number of interactions every month. Manifest Destiny Consulting has been very responsive and has systematically and effectively communicated my key messages on a regular basis. The social media team was very easy to work with, had many creative ideas, and proved to be very knowledgeable about the social media landscape. They offered us ideas and suggestions for significantly increasing my social media presence.

I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to establish a social media presence that keeps you engaged with your audience and fan base.  They take care of my social presence so I can focus on what I love to do!”

Haji Basim
Multi-Instrumentalist and Founder/CEO of The Holistic Method 


Holistic Ukulele Sessions

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Brand: Haji Basim

“We hired Jennifer and her team to help us with our social media marketing. She is very knowledgeable, hardworking and a pleasure to work with. Her Social Media Marketing & Management services are a valuable addition to our marketing efforts. We have been able to build meaningful relationships across all our social platforms, significantly increased our company’s following, and strengthened our online presence.

The Manifest Destiny team developed and execute an effective social networking strategy,  they moderate and manage all of our online communities, campaigns, blog and websites.  We are reaching more and more potential clients via our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  We signed up with her and saw immediate results. We are very happy with the posts and our clients tell us they see a definite improvement!”

 Dr. Eshe Faizah, CEO
HerbSistah’s Master Organic Herbal Formulations  





Brand: Dr. Eshe Faizah

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